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Eago Products - Spa Baths

Even the modest shower need not be ordinary. EAGO has a wide range of showers to cater for the widest tastes from enclosures suitable for tiling, to shower and steam shower houses, which allow you to have a mini-sauna slotted into your bathroom. The range is very extensive, so you can have a steam/massage shower of conventional shower size, or create a luxurious feature with a large two or three person steam shower. Eago Spa Baths
Most models come with the steam generator optional, so you can opt to have a purely massage shower, without the steam. Some models also incorporate a spabath in the bottom. Other optionals on some models are radio interface, built-in extractor fan, foot massager, password protection, remote control, (so you can turn shower on while you’re driving home/lying in bed), programmable/set massage jet sequences, temperature/time settings, and CD player interface.
Much care is taken into the manufacture of all the shower houses. The acrylic surface coating is the best in the world, specially selected for its rigidity, brightness, and retention of colour/brightness. Its brightness exceeds 90 degrees and its colour is very stable. There is little chromatic aberration. This material is not prone to be stained and has a long life.
The inside shower surface is formed using the very best German machinery, then the outside surface of the acrylic sheets are coated with a thick layer of fibreglass, of the same grade as used in the hull of a jet boat. All the fibreglass used in our products is the kind consisting of no alkali. Fibreglass of this kind has good glutinosity and intensity. All the structural Aluminous material used in our products meets the nations standard and its thickness is over 1.2mm. Extra care is taken in not only the manufacture, but also the design to ensure our shower enclosures are extra strong, collision resistant, and very robust.
The showers are fitted with mixers and head showers. The hand shower’s head has adjustable settings for different flows/patterns. The massage jets are programmable to massage in different sequences to target neck, back, or lower torso.
All electrics, including the overhead ceiling light, are low voltage (12V), so are perfectly safe, and comply with NZ regulations. The power supply box is totally water-proof. Further safety features are built in for overheating, time-out, and no-water protection(if there is no water the steam generator will be shut down automatically), which automatically de-activate the shower safely. Colour for most units is available is satin silver, white or ivory.
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