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Eago Products - Spa Baths

The acrylic surface coating is the best in the world, specially selected for its rigidity, brightness, and retention of colour. Its brightness exceeds 90 degrees and its colour is very stable. There is little chromatic aberration. This material is not prone to be stained and has a long life. Eago Spa Baths
The inside shape is formed using the very best German machinery, then the outside surface of the spa is coated with a thick layer of fibreglass, of the same grade as used in the hull of a jet boat. All the fibreglass used in our products is the kind consisting of no alkali. Fibreglass of this kind has good glutinosity and intensity. This is then attached to a sturdy steel frame (with adjustable feet), which means our spa baths are extra strong and very robust.
The process and materials used in putting together this end product is patented; and uses cutting-edge world class technology to further insulate the bath to make it hold warmth up to thirty minutes longer than a standard bathtub.
Our Spabaths come with a range of pre-plumbed chrome jets, depending on the model you select. You can also upgrade to ‘hydrotherapy’ options for many of our models, enabling a combination of water, and air bubble system to massage you as you relax. It is standard for all EAGO spabaths to come complete with all the tapware included, but some models go further with picturesque waterfall inlets which will be a feature in any bathroom.
Each spabath also comes with one or two moulded headrests (as pictured), and built-in acrylic side-skirt on one or more sides. You can rest easy with EAGO, as their products are packed with safety features, and pass the worlds most rigid quality-control requirements. All spa-pumps are specially designed to be fireproof with a pneumatic safety stop.
Installation of our units is simple, as all of our units come pre-plumbed and pre-wired ready to be just slotted in and sealed up. Wiring is NZ standard 240V 50Hz, with a 3pin plug. Spa pumps standard is 1.5HP, 6A, single speed.
Optional extras available on most baths are:
  • Electronic control System:
    1. Telephone/intercom interface
    2. FM radio
    3. On / Off switch
    4. CD-interface
    5. Built-in waterproof speakers
    6. Auto cleaning
    7. Ozone Disinfection - More Information
  • Heater:
    1. Upgrade to 1KW heater
  • Hydro-Therapy Upgrade:
    1. Combined Air and Water massage feature
  • All baths are available in either white or ivory
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